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Prevention of Lung Cancer
Dr. Tamohan Chaudhuri
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Prevention of Lung Cancer can be done with quitting of smoking, consuming nutritious diet and green tea, following exercise regime and restricting alcohol intake.

Lung cancer is one of the most common type of cancer other than brain, blood, and skin cancer. Although it is difficult to treat in an advanced stage but is treatable if detected early. There are various ways in which you can prevent the risk of lung cancer.

  • Quit smoking
  • Check for radon gas in your surroundings
  • Stay alert at work to avoid occupational components
  • Be careful of the cancer causing products at home
  • Don’t be a passive smoker
  • Eat healthy and nutritious diet
  • Follow an exercise regime
  • Mind your supplements
  • Restrict alcohol consumption
  • Have a cup of green tea daily


Dr. Tamohan Chaudhuri

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A leading Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Tamohan Chaudhuri from Kolkata in West Bengal, has been practicing for more than two decades. His core areas of specialisation are Radiotherapy, Concurrent Chemotherapy and Adjuvant Chemotherapy in addition to complete Palliative Care in advance cancers. He is attached with Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital, AMRI Hospital, and Rittik Clinic. Book FREE Appointment with Ela.
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