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Prevention of Colon Cancer

Dr. Kamran Khan
17 Sep 2018
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Prevention of Colon Cancer is recommended to men and women. This can be done with screening, acheiving healthy weight, increased regular physical activity and opting for a balanced and nutritious diet.

Colon cancer is not a much talked about one like breast or lung cancer. It is the third most common cancer that is diagnosed in men and women equally. Although fatal at the later stages when untreated, colon cancer can be prevented. It is noted that around seventy five percent of the total cases are actually preventable if proper care is taken about certain factors like:

Screening: This is considered the only best way to steer clear of colon cancer as it can detect cancer during its initial stages when it can be treated.
Maintain healthy weight: Excessive weight gain or obesity is not just a risk factor for colon cancer but for ten other cancer types too. So being in a healthy weight range is an effective way to remain cancer-free.
Smoking: Stay away from smoking because it is a major factor behind 14 cancers.
Physical activity: Physical activity lowers down the risk of various diseases linked to heart and stroke, more over it also keeps you safe from colon cancer.

Limit alcohol intake: Try to have alcohol in moderation because even the lower levels of alcohol can trigger colon cancer.
Reduce red meat in diet: Too much consumption of red meat including pork, steak and hamburger can increase the risk of colon cancer.
Have good amount of vitamin D and calcium: It’s good to maintain enough calcium and vitamin D in body as these help in protecting against colon cancer.
Have Multivitamin and Folate: Like vitamin D and calcium, these also provide protection against colon cancer.

Dr. Kamran Khan

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