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ElaCare is the largest HealthCare Hospital & Doctor Network in India, having a network of more than 365+ HealthCare Hospitals & Doctors across India with presence in more than 40+ Indian Cities.

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Elacare comprises of a team of Cancer Researchers, and Specialists who have 20+ years of experience in the field of Cancer and its treatments. With Ela, you will receive the best quality personal assistant which will cater to your cancer treatment requirements. Here are some of the key features of Elacare which will provide high end solutions to the cancer patients:

  • Connect with the highly expert oncologists
  • Second opinion from top cancer specialists and oncologists across India
  • Cancer friendly assistance as and when required
  • Access to the community of cancer specialists for the best guidance
  • Assist in timely diagnosis and planning of the treatment
  • Keeping records of the vital information of patients
  • Customized facilitation of cancer treatment solutions


Elacare lists the best-rated Cancer specialists and Surgical oncologists, Cancer Centres and Hospitals by finding out the right cancer treatment for the welfare of cancer patients and helping them receive the top quality treatments with appreciating success rates. Our algorithms make the best choice in assisting patients find out the best cancer treatment prices, cancer hospital facilities as well as success rates of the chosen cancer treatments.


Our special technology platform ‘Ela Connect’ gives you liberty to get rid of “friction points”. We render you all, right from Specialist Appointments to Diagnostics tests, as well as Financial loan.

Second Opinion

Apart from getting you to the best cancer expert, we make sure that you get second, third and multiple opinions from specialists around the world. We also act as a communication channel between the current specialist, if required.

Records and Appointments

You have the facility of maintaining all your records digitally such as prescriptions, receipts. You also have the ease of keeping notes of the past and upcoming appointments.

Concierge Services

We do much more than just getting you introduced to the fertility specialist and arranging appointments. Our support comes in various ways to build better bond with the doctor for a comfortable treatment process.

Community Access

Ela will be your true friend who will remain at your side throughout the treatment procedures to assure you ultimate comfort and peace of mind. After you have decided about the doctor, we take up from there to give you unmacthed healthcare experience.

Ela Research and Leadership

Ela relies upon extensive research and data sets generated from the last several years to make recommendations and render professional support to its patients. We have an algorithm that works by comparing treatment prices, doctor experience, hospital infrastructure, facilities, offerings, and medical history to propose the best Center and Oncologist for the trusted treatment process.

Dr. Kapil Kumar

Surgical Oncologist


Dr. Aditya Pradhan



Dr. Ajay Kaul
Dr. Ajay Kaul



Dr. Surender Dabas

Surgical Oncologist


What people are saying

Yash Ahuja
I was tensed that we were unable to find a good cancer specialist for my dad’s prostate cancer treatment. ElaCare came to our life like an angel and guided us really well. Thanks a ton ElaCare!
Aug 4,2018  |  Prostate Cancer
Anita Roy Chaudhari
My sister was detected with oral cancer few days ago. We came across Elacare on social media and contacted them. I must say that their assistance is just excellent!
Jun 15,2018  |  Oral Cancer
Manasi Kapoor
My lung cancer condition was deteriorating badly. I spoke to ElaCare specialist and received the best ever recommendation till now. My treatment completed successfully.
Apr 30,2018  |  Lung Cancer
Anuj P Sethi
I am thankful to the entire team of ElaCare for being with us as a support system during my kidney cancer treatment. We are impressed with ElaCare’s promptness and assistance!
Jan 23, 2018  |  Kidney Cancer
We believe in

Elacare is one-stop solution for all kinds of cancer treatment solutions. The prime mission of Elacare is to facilitate patients with a transparent and well-organized system of cancer diagnosis and treatment for each of the individuals. Ela aims to offer completely unbiased and genuine information regarding doctor, treatment pricing, success of the treatment and patient reviews. Ela never charges its patients for any of the services and you can avail its services for totally FREE. This is precisely to meet our mission of giving seamless assistance to our patients throughout the course of the treatment. We also intend to be a platform for the cancer patients where they can consult, discuss, and educate one another about the condition. Elacare is a place where you will find the best cancer specialists along with the timely assistance for cancer treatment which saves life of patients and grants the patients a new and happy life.

Why ELA as your Care Facilitator

Clear Pricing with no hidden costs

We offer services that are absolutely FREE to our patients. We are a step ahead when it is about the pricing structure for cancer treatments as we ensure that our doctors and hospitals function with total transparency. We have our technology platform freely accessible to all the patients thereby making it available to every strata of the society. Patients can go through this Open Technology Platform to know about Treatments Costs, Success Rates, Ratings, Patient Reviews and Doctors’ Fees, FAQs and Address.
** ELA guarantees lowest treatment cost for all types of cancers.


Best Discovery Tool

We have enlisted 55 reputed hospitals and doctors specialized in cancer. It makes us the most competent platform in the field of cancer that lines you up with expert as well as highly experienced oncologists in the world. Ours is a system that provides you get a seamless experience in cancer treatment and care.


Transparent Practices

We have a Business and Research team that uses a multi-level verification system on the basis of Previous Patient Feedback, Success Rate, and Doctor Qualifications to suggest you the best suited oncologists and hospitals in your own city. Ela is an independent, Private Limited Company that has no connection, legal or personal, with any doctor or hospital chain. This makes us an impartial cancer care facilitator capable enough to offer assistance and concierge services to those approaching us.


Treatment at your Fingertips

We, at Ela, extend a speedy yet practical technology platform that answers all the cancer related concerns and manages their treatment needs starting from the diagnosis till complete recovery. We provide the benefits of online and telephonic interactions to those registered with us where they can discuss with our experts and partner oncologists throughout the week.


Fair Treatment Value

Ela has build an AI driven platform which curates the treatment costs of over 15000 cancer doctors and centres and provides you the estimation of the fair treatment value you should be paying. By specifying your fertility needs, the FTV (Fair Treatment Value) platform calculates the best price you can get for the treatment across the nation.


Loans and Legal Assistance

Ela also assist you in raising a medical loan to help you have a smooth treatment procedure. The rate of interest for most of the medical loans is as low as 0%.


Creating Awareness

We publish new articles regularly and health news on the Elacare blog, unlocking heaps of information on cancer, its symptoms, treatments and management as well as other aspects about it. We have a huge patient community platform with which, getting any piece of information on cancer is a matter of minutes!

Services Offered

Domestic Patients

We work in coordination with you to facilitate reliable and cost-effective cancercare:

  • As a Healthcare Facilitator we strive to provide you accurate guidance in (choosing the appropriate treatment plan) through proper understanding of the type of cancer, and other associated concerns.
  • Our suggestions are based on a detailed study of your medical history.
  • We are always around throughout the course of the treatment to render complete care and company
  • We bring to you an elaborate system that acts as a single-point-of-access for finding out about the best possible treatment, getting second opinion assistance through German and US based Oncologists, availability of Digital Health records, Community access, and guidance from a cancer care expert.
  • We ensure that you get proper, fair and latest information coming straight from the most trusted sources of the renowned medical professionals in the field of cancer treatment.
  • We arrange doctor appointments, treatment facilitation and other arrangements totally as per your convenience. Being one of the largest cancercare provider in the industry, we invite you to book appointment with us to get benefited from our years of experience.
  • We talk in-depth about every aspect of your medical intervention for a better coordination of the future medical interventions.
  • We keep a close eye on your health condition and coach you persistently through follow-ups.
  • We have our own unique way of empowering you through individualized feeds on cancer issue and developments related to it.
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International Patients

We research, suggest, organize, and implement your complete journey of cancer treatment.

  • Before your arrival in India:
  • We discuss your medical information with you so that you develop a proper understanding of it.
  • We suggest you doctors and hospitals well in accordance to type of cancer, and your particular needs.
  • We assist you with the planning of travel and logistics.
  • Ela is specific about the hospitals being NABH / JCI accredited for assured hygiene and superior services.
  • When you are in India:
  • We get you a personal relationship manager who assist you throughout the stay right from the time of arrival to the time you leave India.
  • We provide you facilities of boarding, lodging, currency exchange, transportation, and language translations.
  • We gather all the necessary information on the course of treatment to fulfil your needs inside as well as outside the hospital.
  • We are constantly present with you to guide you on any kind of medical or other complications through follow ups.
  • When you are back home:
  • We keep you updated on your health condition by doing constant follow ups with you and your doctor.
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Corporate Patients

Ela has carved out a path-breaking approach to manage health of your employees. We form a health status report for all the employees along with a 360-degree corporate health report. In addition, an annual plan designed for the organization as a whole is also prepared to evaluate stress and energy levels.

Corporate health report hence obtained is used for programming specialized health drives in the organization. We hold targeted health drives that comprise of sessions to avoid stress at workplace and seasonal illnesses. We educate your employees about cancer and risk factors by organizing seminars and targeted notification. We have listed stress, lifestyle illnesses and other risks factors included in our medical attention areas that pose a threat to health and may trigger onset of cancer.

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Ela Technology

Ela Connect -For the Patient

A high-end technology platform, with total transparency and connectivity with the patients offers:

  • Important questions that they should ask their Cancer Specialist according to the problem they have.
  • A list of suggested Cancer doctors and Hospitals depending upon their needs as decided by the experience, type and stage of cancer, and budget.
  • Appointment Calendar of forthcoming visits with the doctors along with rescheduling and cancellation choices.
  • Sections that have complete information in the form of Brochures and calculated treatment cost details.
  • Medical consent form to guard against medico-legal cases.
  • Option to get in touch with other doctors to have second opinions.
  • Choices to get Treatment related Legal Support.
  • Profile of the patient and their medical history along with digital reports and prescriptions
  • Choices on easy payment methods and records of receipts.
  • Choice to get a Medical Loan.
  • Portal to raise follow-up queries when required.
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Ela Radar -For the Cancer Doctor

A comprehensive portal to assist doctors for maintaining practice management software suggesting most appropriate treatment for every patient including:

  • Practice Management Software Solution with integrated Patient feedback System.
  • Simple payment system with Digitized Bills and Invoices.
  • Patient Self-Registration along with Digitized Medical Consent Forms.
  • Portal to consult with Patients using latest video & tele conferencing tools
  • Single touch reference to patient’s medical history for personalized care.
  • Total support all through the course of treatment.
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